Overview of custom fields, sorted in tabs

CashCtrl is developed generically and is not tailored to an industry. The cloud software offers a range of custom fields that can be used in nearly all areas. For example, for the journal, account, inventory, orders, and for people.

Custom fields dialogue

Overview of custom fields

The following custom fields are available and can be added as many times as needed:

  • Text field
  • Multiline text field
  • Checkbox
  • Date field
  • Selection box with different values
  • Number field
Custom fields overview

Custom fields with variables can be used

The information from the custom fields can be reused in the software with so-called "placeholders". Every field has a variable ($designation) and can be inserted into a text, for example. This way, you can create self-adjusting text templates that refer to invoice line items or order information.

How to show custom fields information in list

You can view all custom fields in columns in the overview.