"The perfect tool for quick reporting" The largest bicycle courier service in Switzerland has been using CashCtrl for years.

Bike or Cargobike preferred

The KurierZentrale GmbH in Basel is an ambitious and growing company: With a total of around 100 employees, the SME executes an average of 600 courier orders per working day. The volume has been growing for years, and the prospects are promising. The KurierZentrale aims to score on the market with innovative and sustainable city logistics.

"In order to deliver the consignments to the recipients in a timely and environmentally friendly manner, we rely on bicycles, the cargo bike or, if the consignment is too large, also on cars," explains owner Jérôme Thiriet.

Accounting preferd in-house

As far as accounting is concerned, the Courier Centre has been outsourcing for a long time and has given a trustee a mandate to do so. However, this had its disadvantages. "I lacked a controlling instrument, a kind of cockpit to quickly get a picture of the financial situation," says Thiriet.

The Basel logistics SME therefore started looking for a suitable accounting software - and finally decided on CashCtrl. As Thiriet explains, the application provides him with exactly what he needs: "A quick overview so that I can analyze the most important figures and make decisions.

Simple and clear

Dominik Seinige, who is responsible for accounting at the courier center, mentions further advantages: "CashCtrl is a pure web solution and requires neither downloads nor a complex link. You can start right away."

Furthermore, the software is not overloaded and easy to use. "With the programs from other providers there are countless special functions that you hardly ever need. But they make the use unnecessarily complicated," Seinige says.

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