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We think that helping each other with large and small projects is very important. Most of the features of our software are available free of charge.
And we will keep it that way. No strings attached.

1. Tell others and recommend us

Are you using CashCtrl, either FREE or PRO, and you're happy with it? Is it the intuitive interface? Or how fast and efficient you can do your bookkeeping? Whatever the reason, tell the people around you.

2. Donate and support

You can donate a one-time amount with your credit card right here:

We also appreciate crypto currencies:

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or a bank transfer to our account:

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3. Our almost-affiliate program

With a link to our website you can help us get more hits and improve the relevance of our website in search engines. Ask us for an individual referral URL. We pay a commission for PRO upgrades referred by you.

Contact us to learn more.

For the link you can use the CashCtrl logo in various formats. For custom graphics for your website (like buttons or banners), please contact us.


4. We love fruits

We'd be happy to accept any kind of natural produce by snail mail.

Energy packages to:
Repix GmbH
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